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The customer is obliged to read the content of the regulations.

We only perform treatments for adults.

We do not perform treatments for people who are under the influence of alcohol and intoxicants.

In Studio Mintlemon, smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages and other stimulants are strictly forbidden.

When coming to get a tattoo, please do not bring small children and animals.

The tattoo treatment is performed with professional and disposable accessories for each client.

Customers are strictly forbidden to touch the tools used to make a tattoo, as well as auxiliary materials. This can lead to a loss of health.

Working on wholesome products, we are not responsible for the behavior of pigments on the body due to the widely understood healing process of the body.

Tattoo designs are made individually and it is not possible to make copies of works by other artists.

The tattoo artist has the right to refuse to perform the procedure without providing explanations.

The price of the tattoo is determined individually for each project.

We reserve the copyrights to photos taken, designs and tattoos as well as to publication on social networks, our own website and to be used for marketing purposes. The studio undertakes to publish the tattoo in a way that does not directly show the client's face.

Each client must complete a declaration of consent to perform the treatment.

Each client is informed about the rules of tattoo care both during healing and in later years.

We are not responsible for non-compliance with the care rules after the treatment.

We are not responsible for any skin changes that may occur after the treatment.


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